Unfinished Journey

Since I arrived at my 59th birthday last winter, I have found myself pondering what the next decade might look and feel like for me. Let’s just say that the previous decades have found me on a journey that has been both rewarding and inspiring whilst equally unplanned and unexpected.

I made a decision at the beginning of spring, to take time some time out from sharing my writing here on my online journal.

I just wanted to embrace the spring and summer, enjoy seasonal living and follow the callings residing in my heart. It was a conscious decision as I knew that this is a year of transition for me.

When I look back over my life thus far, I can see just how much of it has been about 'being there' for others. I noticed that in the main, I featured somewhere close to the bottom of any lists involving myself and others.

As I approach autumn, this will be my very last season in my fifties. As winter duly arrives so will a new decade; My Sixties. This next decade is My Time. I am entering a new, different and exciting next chapter.

I have passed through the female life cycles of the maiden and the mother. I am now in the final life cycle of the crone. It is here within the crone phase that I openly acknowledge all the wisdom and the wise words contained within the vessel of my body and soul.

There are often signs, symbols and synchronicities that will appear. I guess it is like the analogy, ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’. I received a clear sign and message early in the season of spring. It presented as I captured this beautiful Magnolia flower photograph below:

Deborah DLP Magnolia Journal Sept .JPG

The energy of this beautiful Magnolia flower has not left my heart ever since I captured the photograph in the spring. Since then, I have had the photograph reprinted into a larger form. The magnolia photograph now adorns my studio wall.

Each time I am in my studio, I feel an unspoken connection with this magnolia. I find myself noticing a deep resonance of inner knowing being evoked within me. It is as if, I am tuning into a stirring, a difference, a uniqueness, something gently guiding me. I feel a sense of beauty and gentleness flowing through me.

During the season of spring and summer I have become more and more curious to understand the feeling and the meaning that the magnolia is evoking within me.

I have my own various tried and tested methods and processes when I am seeking to understand something. On this occasion, I turned to writing, my trusted journal and pen for some gentle enquiry, insight and understanding.

As ever, my writing practice enabled me a space to explore and discover all that this magnolia had to share.

Here is what I discovered:

This Beautiful Magnolia is a symbol of the soft, gentle stirring, that I am discovering currently happening within myself. It is a time of reawakening. The blossoming of a new landscape for the next decade of my life, which is gently unfolding in its own unique and unfinished way.

My heart is my compass and my soul is my guide.

The crone in me is ready. It is my time to become the midwife and birth my wisdom, my words and my stories. I have stories and wisdom to share with others. I can no longer deny or supress being seen or heard.

This a time of reawakening.

A gentle unfolding of my own unfinished journey called life.

What is in you that is stirring, reawakening, gently unfolding in your own unfinished life?

I would love to hear your story.

Let’s share our stories together on this unfinished journey called life.

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