My Own 60 Things

It came as no surprise to me just how much of a biggie it felt for me to begin my last year of my fifties. Am I really more than half way through my life? How did that happen?

OMG…. Time flies. Then I find myself asking out loud, where has the time gone?

I am taking a different approach towards celebrating this milestone birthday as I move through the year of 2019. I recognise that I still hold so many things in my heart yet to experience, see and do. Hence my expression of being a beautifully unfinished woman.

For me, moving through my fifties has been an interesting decade. At times it has been what I can only describe as somewhat of a rollercoaster. Some of the experiences have pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Some have been scary. There have been some incredible twists and turns. However, through it all I seem to have also found some exhilarating times and incredible adventures.

With these insights I now chose to make each day count in some small, yet, meaningful way. This aligns with knowing that being in the now, being in the present, is actually the gift.

Life is not a rehearsal.

This realisation makes me sad as I remember my mother who died unexpectedly at just 63 with her light, dreams, desires and untapped potential still residing within her. Not a year goes by without me honouring her sudden passing. It is a huge nudge and reminder to embrace the impermanence of life each day.

Therefore, I have decided that I am going to take a different approach in seeing out the last year of my fifties. I have set an intention to do 60 things.

Yes, I know 60 things - throughout my 59th year !

I do love seeing people’s faces when I share this with them. It makes me smile when I hear their reactions. It is also a great way to have meaningful conversations with each other where we share our dreams, desires and bucket lists. The most interesting thing I have found is hearing the sentence; One day I will do ….. X, Y, Z. Perhaps you have also heard yourself say the same thing or something similar?

Winter 2018 was the season for me to embark upon this milestone quest. I felt a deep knowing as a beautifully unfinished woman how I am like the butterfly beginning the journey of emergence from the chrysalis. Each of my 60 things are gently stretching, unfurling and revealing themselves in a host of new and different ways.

Deborah DLP Blog Post 4 Ferns Unfurling.JPG

I am going to enjoy the journey, the adventures and the experiences. I have no doubt I will create some wonderful and beautiful memories. I will share some of them here with you along the way. I hope they might even inspire you to create the end of your decade in a whole new and different way too.

I have a scrapbook where I have created a variety of pages listing my 60 things. It is a creative capsule which is filled with intentions, joy, meaning and sacredness. I guess the best way for me to describe it would be as a collage of my heart and soul.

Some things are actually booked. Several things have been seasonally planned throughout the year. I have kept a few blank spaces for something impromptu and I have already started ticking a few things off. It has been so much fun thus far.

Let’s see where the rest of this year takes me.


In Love