Rekindle Your Passion

Passion is a funny old thing isn’t it?

It can be discovered and forgotten and also rekindled in a myriad of ways. I know mine has been. How about you?

I was about 7 years old, when my curiosity for photography began. Whilst I did not know or understand much about the camera. I would watch my mother using her Kodak Instamatic with additional flash cube and see the joy it gave her. I would often be able to use the camera with guidance too. The younger me, had no idea of the power, meaning or form that photography could provide.

My young eyes just saw how photographs made people feel. I was fascinated how our family would spend time; talking, commenting, laughing, smiling and reminiscing over the developed photographs. I saw how there was a connection to a time, place and to others through the photographs. Some being showcased later in photo frames, some given as a gift as a special something to be remembered and treasured.

I grew up surrounded by photographs, which adorned both my mother and nans rooms and walls. They were a collage of memories and storytelling as I came to call them in my adult years. It was here where I would see the sweet spots of life, the growing up years, personal achievements, and the varied places visited. Both my mother and nan filled their homes with snippets and snapshots of stories captured and woven into the fabric of each of our lives.

What began as curiosity in my childhood with the kodak instamatic camera led me to discover that the camera offered so much more. How, a roll of film produced both photographs and negatives holding the precious imprints of moments captured in time.

I was hooked.

My lifelong relationship with photography had begun. Of course, like any relationship over the years we have had our fallings out. Phases of exploring other things. Times of ignoring each other, whilst recognising how absence from my camera did make my heart grow fonder.

Never underestimate the power of your passion, even when it appears to wane, be forgotten or temporarily replaced for one reason or another. Because one day it just might be rekindled, as mine was in the most unexpected of ways.

Over the decades I have been the owner of many cameras. And, with each new advancement of technology I see how the camera has been through many changes. Crikey, I see the connection here in myself as well. It is here that I recognise how both myself and the camera have developed and grown alongside each through the decades.

Upon reflection, the younger me, had no idea of the potency of photography. Nor, the path I would travel discovering just how instrumental photography would become in my life.

Life can bring many unexpected changes that are often outside of our control.

It was to be my midlife where I unexpectedly found myself lost, without direction or purpose. It was here that my passion for photography was rekindled in more ways than one. I discovered the incredible potential for healing and wellbeing, creativity and a connection to myself in a new and different way.

Here I am now in the last year of my fifties sharing new ways of embracing photography, its potential and all its magic. Much like myself as a beautifully unfinished woman.

Who would have thought way back then in the late sixties just how instrumental that initial connection to the Kodak instamatic camera would become? Some things can take time to go full circle, come to fruition or possibly reappear in a different guise.

My passion for photography has led me to discover a wonderful tool for; mindfulness, creativity and connection; to not only nature, but to others and also to myself.

Is there is something you once had a passion for? Maybe your old passion is still unfinished, waiting to be rediscovered or rekindled? Perhaps your passion might look, feel or be slightly different for you these days?

Either way let your passion find a way back into your life in a whole different way.

Whatever your passion – go for it.


In Love