Progress not Perfection

Do you ever notice how there is growth in progress and not in the perfection too?

It has taken decades for me to realise that being me in my own skin is the only way to live my life. That it is not the perfection that makes me who I am - it is actually trusting and knowing that it is okay to be me in my own perfectly imperfect way where the progress resides.

I wonder if like me you are also discovering how to live your own life unedited and also finding the beauty and progress in the everyday.

Often when we feel we are off track, we might not realise just how close we could be to discovering a new insight or perspective. It seems that mine continue to emerge through my writing and my photography.

When I am stuck, unsure what to write and sense the dread of the blank canvas, I have come to know that I am residing in my head and not in my heart. Nothing good will come through my pen or camera when I am in this zone. Therefore, I return to my own soul medicine of seeking out nature and trusting myself to simply be.

Let me share with you a recent example of when I noticed the gift of Progress not Perfection.

It was a whim that found us travelling down a long twisty country road. The odd detached cottage appearing from behind high hedgerows. The little track roads on our left fronted by a single sign stating private road, residents only. A sense of wonder as I knew we were close to the edge of the sea because we had somehow found ourselves off track as we meandered along this road which I discovered a little later had been running parallel to the coastline.

Then I saw it. A tiny track road displaying a dead-end road sign symbol. The pull of wanting to go down there, wondering what might be revealed at the end, left me curious and eager to explore. There and then it felt right to take a little adventure into the unknown. No plan or map. Nothing more that the willingness to let go and be open to trusting what might appear.

It is fascinating how as I write these words, I see the power in having this approach when I find myself wanting things to be perfect and more so when I cannot find my creative muse.

The lane was more like a dirt track. I knew that going down it would require making an effort, but I was curious. Squeals of delight rang out from me when the end of the road disappeared, and I caught my first glimpse of the sea.

Imagine my delight when I tumbled upon this little spot of beauty.


I wanted to capture a sense and energy of the place as the sun was setting. This huge ball of light in the sky was mesmerising and as the sun was dropping it led me to capture this imperfect photograph.

The actual photograph has some blemishes which have been captured through the lens. I know that these might be deemed flaws to another’s eye. Even described as a less than perfect photograph. Yet, for me the blemishes, the flaws, are also a part of the story of the photograph. This is a captured moment exactly as it was meant to be, in its own unedited way.

What a great metaphor for living life Beautifully Unfinished - Unedited and Finding the Beauty and Progress in the Everyday.

This whole process is about progress not perfection and aligns so easily with my ethos and premise of being a Beautifully Unfinished Woman. Remember, I am also a work in progress, unfolding, evolving and being mindful as I do this. It is a journey, an adventure. One which comes with all its own unique beauty, stance, style, shape, and technicolour.

This blog post has been written today knowing that it is less than perfect, but my heart knows that I have shared my progress with you.

I wonder where I might be in a month? Yet, I already know I am in a different place from where I found myself two weeks ago, as I sat down to write my previous blog post - Trust Yourself.

I recognise how it is no longer about the perfection as I can clearly see how the growth is in the progress, no matter how big or small. How marvellous is that?

Is there something in your life right now that you believe is stopping you because it has to be perfect?

How would you feel if you described it differently, took a fresh look or another perspective on it?

What would be different if you were to let go of the perfection and focus upon the progress?

I am curious to know.

In love