A Beautifully Unfinished Woman

Sometimes We Lose Ourselves To Find Ourselves

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Welcome to A Beautifully Unfinished Woman

Hello, I'm Deborah,

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I see you

I see your beauty

I see your uniqueness

I see your radiance

I see your light

Here you will find me sharing my stories, musings and adventures. I write through the lens of my heart using nature, photography, creativity and my gentle soul coaching® tools to inspire you to find joy, meaning, purpose and sacredness in your life.

A Beautifully Unfinished Woman is my expression of where I am in my midlife knowing that there is still more to explore, discover and create. I wonder if you feel the same way too?

I have held a yearning to write since I was a very young girl. My writing has been hidden away for decades. Held in diaries, poems, short stories, journals and creative capsules held close to my tender heart. In all honesty; my love of writing has never left me.

My love of photography began when I was just seven. However, it wasn’t until my late thirties that I truly experienced how integral photography would become in helping me heal and be a key to unlocking the door to my creative journey.

Travel is in my blood. From a young age I wanted to see the world, discover new places and have adventures. Little did I know that life would offer me all these in many different shapes, guises and terrains.

Nature has been woven into the very fabric of my soul. It was a cry from nature at 37, that cracked me open to receive the healing power of nature; for my heart, mind, body and soul.

I weave all four of these elements into my life, because they are all a part of who I am. They are the strands of my journey in being A Beautifully Unfinished Woman.

I am now in the last year of my fifties and who knows how much time I might have left. I am certainly midway through my life if I live to be 100. In my heart and soul, I know there are dreams within me that are still beautifully unfinished.

Sharing my heart through my writing, photography and creativity here on my blog, are just a few of my beautifully unfinished dreams. I want to cherish this gift of life, and fill it with joy, meaning, purpose and sacredness. How about you?

What is inside you that is still beautifully unfinished? Is it a whispering or yearning to seek out something else, something different, something new? Whatever it might be welcome it in. Don’t let your life slip by with your dreams and desires held in your heart.

I hope you find something here to inspire you; Follow your heart and see where it leads you.

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"I think Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear - I’m not screwing around - It’s Time"…....

Brene Brown


Let's connect, I would love to hear from you.

Deborah DLP