A Beautifully Unfinished Woman

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Sometimes We Lose Ourselves To Find Ourselves

I Help Women Moving Through Midlife - Discover Their True Self


How would it feel to Reclaim your truth | Remember who you are | Find yourself again

I used to be lost in my own skin, my light had gone out and I found myself moving through midlife without clarity, direction or purpose. I yearned to feel differently, find my light again and live life my way. Is this you too?  

I guide, coach and mentor women moving through midlife 'Light Up' as they find clarity, direction, purpose and discover their own radiance, find their true self, and create the life they desire - their way.

Maybe you are ready for a new beginning. Looking to move from fear into freedom and feel differently as you find confidence, courage and freedom. Perhaps you are yearning to follow the desires residing in your heart and soul. Maybe you want to unlock or reconnect to your creative self-expression. It could be that you are ready to find the joy, fun and passion that you feel is missing or you might be curious to explore a new adventure?

Whatever it might be for you - there is a way home to your heart, soul and who you truly are. Take a moment right now to imagine all the differences and how you would feel and be; when you find your true self.

Soul Coaching® is a beautiful and gentle way to guide you to embark upon a spiritual sojourn into the depths of your soul, to take an honest look and discover the truth about yourself, and your life. It helps you to clear away the inner and outer mental, emotional and physical clutter. By clearing the blockages, releasing fear, old negative patterns, outdated stories, and limitations from your life, you can discover your own inner wisdom, resources, and your own answers. Soul Coaching® introduces you to sacred tools to help you discover clarity and direction, find meaning, purpose and sacredness in your everyday. It helps you to discover and embrace your true self and create a life you desire.

If you are ready to Discover your True Self | Live Life Your Way  

I am located near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

I offer One to One Soul Coaching® Online in the following ways;

28 Day Program | Individual Sessions | Soul Journeys | Oracle Card Readings

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"I think Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear - I’m not screwing around..... It’s Time"

Brene Brown


 If your curiosity is piqued? Have a question? Would like to discover more about working with me? I offer a Free 30 Minute Complimentary Session to experience  if Soul Coaching® is right for you, and aligns with your needs. 

I look forward to connecting with you.

In Love

Deborah DLP